Dahua recording

What is Dahua NVR

A Dahua Network Video Recorder (NVR) is an advanced device used to record, manage and playback video streams from surveillance cameras. Dahua is a well-known manufacturer of security equipment and is known for its high-quality NVR systems. Here is an explanation of what a Dahua NVR is and how it works:

1. Purpose of a Dahua NVR:
A Dahua NVR is designed to collect, store and display video footage from surveillance cameras. It serves as the central brain of a surveillance system and provides numerous features for managing security footage.

2. Network-based:
Dahua NVRs are network-based, meaning they communicate with surveillance cameras via a local network or the Internet. This makes it possible to remotely manage cameras and access live or recorded footage from different locations.

3. Recording and storage:
One of the most important functions of a Dahua NVR is recording and storing video images. It can record continuously or based on motion detection and store these images on internal hard drives or external storage devices, such as network storage (NAS).

4. Access and display:
Using special software or a web interface, you can easily access the recorded images and live video from the connected cameras. This can be done on PCs, smartphones or tablets, giving you real-time monitoring and remote access.

What is PoE

POE NVR stands for Power over Ethernet Network Video Recorder and is a recording and storage device for security cameras. It is specially designed to use POE technology, which makes it possible to send electrical energy and data to the cameras via a single Ethernet cable. This allows the cameras to be installed remotely without concern about the availability of a power outlet.